[PATCH v8 0/4] Fix issues with huge mapping in ioremap for ARM64

From: Chintan Pandya
Date: Tue Apr 03 2018 - 04:01:07 EST

This series of patches are follow up work (and depends on)
Toshi Kani <toshi.kani@xxxxxxx>'s patches "fix memory leak/
panic in ioremap huge pages".

This series of patches are tested on 4.9 kernel with Cortex-A75
based SoC.

These patches can also go into '-stable' branch (if accepted)
for 4.6 onwards.

>From V7->V8:
- Properly fixed compilation issue in x86 file

>From V6->V7:
- Fixed compilation issue in x86 case
- V6 patches were not properly enumarated

>From V5->V6:
- Use __flush_tlb_kernel_pgtable() for both PUD and PMD. Remove
"bool tlb_inv" based variance as it is not need now
- Re-naming for consistency

>From V4->V5:
- Add new API __flush_tlb_kernel_pgtable(unsigned long addr)
for kernel addresses

>From V3->V4:
- Add header for 'addr' in x86 implementation
- Re-order pmd/pud clear and table free
- Avoid redundant TLB invalidatation in one perticular case

>From V2->V3:
- Use the exisiting page table free interface to do arm64
specific things

>From V1->V2:
- Rebased my patches on top of "[PATCH v2 1/2] mm/vmalloc:
Add interfaces to free unmapped page table"
- Honored BBM for ARM64

Chintan Pandya (4):
ioremap: Update pgtable free interfaces with addr
arm64: tlbflush: Introduce __flush_tlb_kernel_pgtable
arm64: Implement page table free interfaces
Revert "arm64: Enforce BBM for huge IO/VMAP mappings"

arch/arm64/include/asm/tlbflush.h | 6 ++++++
arch/arm64/mm/mmu.c | 37 +++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
arch/x86/mm/pgtable.c | 8 +++++---
include/asm-generic/pgtable.h | 8 ++++----
lib/ioremap.c | 4 ++--
5 files changed, 42 insertions(+), 21 deletions(-)

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