Re: [PATCH v2 00/12] KVM/X86: Introduce a new guest mapping interface

From: Paolo Bonzini
Date: Mon Apr 16 2018 - 07:10:58 EST

On 15/04/2018 23:53, KarimAllah Ahmed wrote:
> Guest memory can either be directly managed by the kernel (i.e. have a "struct
> page") or they can simply live outside kernel control (i.e. do not have a
> "struct page"). KVM mostly support these two modes, except in a few places
> where the code seems to assume that guest memory must have a "struct page".
> This patchset introduces a new mapping interface to map guest memory into host
> kernel memory which also supports PFN-based memory (i.e. memory without 'struct
> page'). It also converts all offending code to this interface or simply
> read/write directly from guest memory.
> As far as I can see all offending code is now fixed except the APIC-access page
> which I will handle in a seperate patch.

I assume the caching will also be a separate patch.

It looks good except that I'd squash patches 4 and 9 together. But I'd
like a second set of eyes to look at it.