RE: [PATCH V8 1/5] crypto: Multi-buffer encryption infrastructure support

From: Dey, Megha
Date: Tue Apr 17 2018 - 14:40:26 EST

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>On Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 04:44:21PM -0800, Megha Dey wrote:
>> > So the mcryptd template is in fact completely superfluous. You can
>> > remove it and just have all the main encrypt/decrypt functions
>> > invoke the underlying encrypt/decrypt function directly and achieve
>> > the same result.
>> >
>> > Am I missing something?
>> Hi Herbert,
>> After discussing with Tim, it seems like the mcryptd is responsible
>> for queuing up the encrypt requests and dispatching them to the actual
>> multi-buffer raw algorithm. It also flushes the queue if we wait too
>> long without new requests coming in to force dispatch of the requests
>> in queue.
>> Its function is analogous to cryptd but it has its own multi-lane
>> twists so we haven't reused the cryptd interface.
>I have taken a deeper look and I'm even more convinced now that mcryptd is
>simply not needed in your current model.
>The only reason you would need mcryptd is if you need to limit the rate of
>requests going into the underlying mb algorithm.
>However, it doesn't do that all. Even though it seems to have a batch size of
>10, but because it immediately reschedules itself after the batch runs out,
>it's essentially just dumping all requests at the underlying algorithm as fast
>as they're coming in. The underlying algorithm doesn't have need throttling
>anyway because it'll do the work when the queue is full synchronously.
>So why not just get rid of mcryptd completely and expose the underlying
>algorithm as a proper async skcipher/hash?

Hi Herbert,

Most part of the cryptd.c and mcryptd.c are similar, except the logic used to flush out partially completed jobs
in the case of multibuffer algorithms.

I think I will try to merge the cryptd and mcryptd adding necessary quirks for multibuffer where needed.

Also, in cryptd.c, I see shash interface being used for hash digests, update, finup, setkey etc. whereas we have shifted
to ahash interface for mcryptd. Is this correct?


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