Re: bug in tag handling in blk-mq?

From: Mike Galbraith
Date: Tue May 08 2018 - 04:37:29 EST

On Tue, 2018-05-08 at 06:51 +0200, Mike Galbraith wrote:
> I'm deadlined ATM, but will get to it.

(Bah, even a zombie can type ccache -C; make -j8 and stare...)

kbuild again hung on the first go (yay), and post hang data written to
sdd1 survived (kernel source lives in sdb3). Full ftrace buffer (echo
1 > events/block/enable) available off list if desired. dmesg.txt.xz
is dmesg from post hang crashdump, attached because it contains the
tail of trace buffer, so _might_ be useful.

homer:~ # df|grep sd
/dev/sdb3      959074776 785342824 172741072  82% /
/dev/sdc3      959074776 455464912 502618984  48% /backup
/dev/sdb1         159564      7980    151584   6% /boot/efi
/dev/sdd1      961301832 393334868 519112540  44% /abuild

Kernel is virgin modulo these...

patches/block-bfq:-test.patch (hang provocation hack from Paolo)


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