Fwd: KASAN: use-after-free Write in write_mem

From: Kyungtae Kim
Date: Fri May 11 2018 - 23:52:36 EST

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From: Kyungtae Kim <kt0755@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, May 11, 2018 at 11:38 AM
Subject: KASAN: use-after-free Write in write_mem
To: arnd@xxxxxxxx, gregkh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, linux-kernel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Byoungyoung Lee <lifeasageek@xxxxxxxxx>, DaeLyong Jeong

We report the crash:
"KASAN: use-after-free Write in write_mem"

This crash was found in v4.17-rc3. Specifically, memory access (write
operation) is invalid, and it is detected by KASAN.

C repro code:
kernel config:

Crash log:
Write of size 4096 at addr ffff880000010000 by task syz-executor1/3358

CPU: 0 PID: 3358 Comm: syz-executor1 Not tainted 4.17.0-rc3 #2
Hardware name: QEMU Standard PC (i440FX + PIIX, 1996), BIOS Bochs 01/01/2011
Call Trace:
__dump_stack lib/dump_stack.c:77 [inline]
dump_stack+0xc7/0x138 lib/dump_stack.c:113
print_address_description+0x6a/0x280 mm/kasan/report.c:256
kasan_report_error mm/kasan/report.c:354 [inline]
kasan_report+0x22f/0x350 mm/kasan/report.c:412
check_memory_region_inline mm/kasan/kasan.c:260 [inline]
check_memory_region+0x13b/0x1a0 mm/kasan/kasan.c:267
kasan_check_write+0x14/0x20 mm/kasan/kasan.c:278
_copy_from_user+0xb7/0x100 lib/usercopy.c:12
copy_from_user include/linux/uaccess.h:147 [inline]
write_mem+0x8f/0x190 drivers/char/mem.c:240
__vfs_write+0x10d/0x610 fs/read_write.c:485
vfs_write+0x187/0x500 fs/read_write.c:549
ksys_write+0xd4/0x1a0 fs/read_write.c:598
__do_sys_write fs/read_write.c:610 [inline]
__se_sys_write fs/read_write.c:607 [inline]
__x64_sys_write+0x73/0xb0 fs/read_write.c:607
do_syscall_64+0xa4/0x460 arch/x86/entry/common.c:287
RIP: 0033:0x4497b9
RSP: 002b:00007f6f7f254c68 EFLAGS: 00000246 ORIG_RAX: 0000000000000001
RAX: ffffffffffffffda RBX: 00007f6f7f2556cc RCX: 00000000004497b9
RDX: 00000000ffffffad RSI: 0000000020000000 RDI: 0000000000000013
RBP: 000000000071bea0 R08: 0000000000000000 R09: 0000000000000000
R10: 0000000000000000 R11: 0000000000000246 R12: 00000000ffffffff
R13: 0000000000009ee8 R14: 00000000006f0f88 R15: 00007f6f7f255700

The buggy address belongs to the page:
page:ffffea0000000400 count:0 mapcount:-127 mapping:0000000000000000 index:0x0
flags: 0x0()
raw: 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 00000000ffffff80
raw: ffff88013fff91e0 ffffea0000002020 0000000000000004 0000000000000000
page dumped because: kasan: bad access detected

Memory state around the buggy address:
ffff88000000ff00: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
ffff88000000ff80: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
>ffff880000010000: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff
ffff880000010080: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff
ffff880000010100: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff

Kyungtae Kim