Re: [GIT PULL 00/20] lightnvm updates for 4.18

From: Matias BjÃrling
Date: Fri Jun 01 2018 - 06:45:54 EST

On 05/28/2018 10:58 AM, Matias BjÃrling wrote:
Hi Jens,

Please pick up the following patches.

- Hans reworked the write error recovery path in pblk.
- Igor added extra error handling for lines, and fixed a bug in the
pblk ringbuffer during GC.
- Javier refactored the pblk code a bit, added extra error
handling, and added checks to verify that data returned from drive
is appropriate.
- Marcin added some extra logic to manage the write buffer. Now
MW_CUNITS can be zero and the size of write buffer can be changed
at module load time.


Hans Holmberg (3):
lightnvm: pblk: rework write error recovery path
lightnvm: pblk: garbage collect lines with failed writes
lightnvm: pblk: fix smeta write error path

Igor Konopko (4):
lightnvm: proper error handling for pblk_bio_add_pages
lightnvm: error handling when whole line is bad
lightnvm: fix partial read error path
lightnvm: pblk: sync RB and RL states during GC

Javier GonzÃlez (11):
lightnvm: pblk: fail gracefully on line alloc. failure
lightnvm: pblk: recheck for bad lines at runtime
lightnvm: pblk: check read lba on gc path
lightnvn: pblk: improve error msg on corrupted LBAs
lightnvm: pblk: warn in case of corrupted write buffer
lightnvm: pblk: return NVM_ error on failed submission
lightnvm: pblk: remove unnecessary indirection
lightnvm: pblk: remove unnecessary argument
lightnvm: pblk: check for chunk size before allocating it
lightnvn: pass flag on graceful teardown to targets
lightnvm: pblk: remove dead function

Marcin Dziegielewski (2):
lightnvm: pblk: handle case when mw_cunits equals to 0
lightnvm: pblk: add possibility to set write buffer size manually

drivers/lightnvm/core.c | 10 +-
drivers/lightnvm/pblk-core.c | 149 +++++++++++++++------
drivers/lightnvm/pblk-gc.c | 112 ++++++++++------
drivers/lightnvm/pblk-init.c | 112 +++++++++++-----
drivers/lightnvm/pblk-map.c | 33 +++--
drivers/lightnvm/pblk-rb.c | 51 +------
drivers/lightnvm/pblk-read.c | 83 +++++++++---
drivers/lightnvm/pblk-recovery.c | 91 -------------
drivers/lightnvm/pblk-rl.c | 29 +++-
drivers/lightnvm/pblk-sysfs.c | 15 ++-
drivers/lightnvm/pblk-write.c | 281 +++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------
drivers/lightnvm/pblk.h | 43 +++---
drivers/nvme/host/lightnvm.c | 1 -
include/linux/lightnvm.h | 2 +-
14 files changed, 604 insertions(+), 408 deletions(-)

Hi Jens,

Javier had some comments to 16, 18, and 20. The rest is ready to go. Would you like me to resend the patches?

Thank you!