Re: [RFC PATCH v2 00/14] Remove unneccessary included headers

From: Michael Ellerman
Date: Mon Jun 04 2018 - 08:52:38 EST

Christophe Leroy <christophe.leroy@xxxxxx> writes:

> The purpose of this serie is to limit the number of includes to
> only the necessary ones in order to reduce the number of files
> recompiled everytime a header file is modified.
> This is the start of the work, please provide feedback if any so
> that I don't go in the wrong direction.
> Handled inclusion changes more carrefully after Michael feedback.
> Started splitting some headers in order to reduce their coverage.
> Christophe Leroy (14):
> powerpc: remove kdump.h from page.h
> powerpc: remove unneeded inclusions of cpu_has_feature.h
> powerpc/405: move PPC405_ERR77 in asm-405.h
> powerpc: move ASM_CONST and stringify_in_c() into asm-const.h
> powerpc: clean the inclusion of stringify.h
> powerpc: clean inclusions of asm/feature-fixups.h
> powerpc: remove superflous inclusions of asm/fixmap.h
> powerpc: declare set_breakpoint() static
> powerpc/book3s: Remove PPC_PIN_SIZE
> powerpc: fix includes in asm/processor.h
> powerpc/nohash: fix hash related comments in pgtable.h
> powerpc/44x: remove page.h from mmu-44x.h
> powerpc: split reg.h in two parts
> powerpc: Split synch.h in two parts

Still some problems :)


arch/powerpc/include/asm/reg.h:1286:31: error: expected ':' or ')' before 'ASM_FTR_IFCLR':
allmodconfig+64K_PAGES powerpc
allmodconfig+64K_PAGES powerpc-5.3
allmodconfig+ppc64le ppc64le
powernv_defconfig+NO_NUMA ppc64le
powernv_defconfig+NO_PERF ppc64le
powernv_defconfig+NO_RADIX ppc64le
powernv_defconfig+STRICT_RWX ppc64le
powernv_defconfig+THIN ppc64le
powerpc-allmodconfig powerpc
powerpc-allmodconfig powerpc-5.3
powerpc-allyesconfig powerpc
powerpc-allyesconfig powerpc-5.3
ppc64_defconfig powerpc
ppc64_defconfig powerpc-5.3
ppc64_defconfig+NO_ALTIVEC powerpc
ppc64_defconfig+NO_ALTIVEC powerpc-5.3
ppc64_defconfig+NO_HUGETLB powerpc
ppc64_defconfig+NO_HUGETLB powerpc-5.3
ppc64_defconfig+NO_KVM powerpc
ppc64_defconfig+NO_KVM powerpc-5.3
ppc64_defconfig+NO_RADIX powerpc
ppc64_defconfig+NO_TM powerpc
ppc64_defconfig+NO_TM powerpc-5.3
ppc64_defconfig+UP powerpc
ppc64_defconfig+UP powerpc-5.3
ppc64e_defconfig powerpc
ppc64e_defconfig powerpc-5.3
ppc64e_defconfig+KEXEC powerpc
ppc64e_defconfig+KEXEC powerpc-5.3
ppc64e_defconfig+UP powerpc
ppc64e_defconfig+UP powerpc-5.3
ppc64le_defconfig ppc64le
ppc64le_defconfig+NO_KPROBES ppc64le
ppc64le_defconfig+NO_KVM ppc64le
ppc6xx_defconfig powerpc
ppc6xx_defconfig powerpc-5.3
pseries_defconfig powerpc
pseries_defconfig powerpc-5.3
pseries_defconfig+FA_DUMP powerpc
pseries_defconfig+FA_DUMP powerpc-5.3
pseries_defconfig+NO_MEMORY_HOTPLUG powerpc
pseries_defconfig+NO_MEMORY_HOTPLUG powerpc-5.3
pseries_defconfig+NO_MEMORY_HOTREMOVE powerpc
pseries_defconfig+NO_SPLPAR powerpc
pseries_defconfig+NO_SPLPAR powerpc-5.3
pseries_le_defconfig ppc64le
pseries_le_defconfig+NO_NUMA ppc64le
pseries_le_defconfig+NO_SPLPAR ppc64le
skiroot_defconfig ppc64le