Re: [less-CONFIG_NET 1/7] net: reorder filter code

From: Norbert Manthey
Date: Wed Jun 06 2018 - 14:19:28 EST

On 06/06/2018 06:33 PM, Willem de Bruijn wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 6, 2018 at 9:53 AM, Norbert Manthey <nmanthey@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> This commit reorders the definition of functions and struct in the
>> file filter.c, such that in the next step we can easily cut the file
>> into a commonly used part, as well as a part that is only required in
>> case CONFIG_NET is actually set.
>> This is part of the effort to split CONFIG_SECCOMP_FILTER and
>> Signed-off-by: Norbert Manthey <nmanthey@xxxxxxxxx>
> Reordering patches like this and the flow-dissector patch in this
> series make cherry-picking fixes back to stable branches and
> and following code history with git blame harder.
Dear Willem,

I agree that this change makes cherry picking harder. When keeping the
order of the code, the following commits have to introduce many pairs
"#ifdef CONFIG_NET - #endif" and "#if defined(CONFIG_NET) ||Â
defined(CONFIG_SECCOMP_FILTER) #endif"
This is how I developed the commits, but then refactored for improved

From my experience, cherry picking changes from this variant is equally
difficult. A third alternative, splitting the files into separate files,
would force me to make current static definitions visible.

I am happy to go another route, if people insist that this is the better
way forward.


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