Re: [PATCH v2] gpu: drm: omapdrm: Adding new typedef vm_fault_t

From: Tomi Valkeinen
Date: Fri Jun 08 2018 - 02:18:02 EST


On 22/05/18 21:13, Souptick Joarder wrote:
> Use new return type vm_fault_t for fault handler. For
> now, this is just documenting that the function returns
> a VM_FAULT value rather than an errno. Once all instances
> are converted, vm_fault_t will become a distinct type.
> Ref-> commit 1c8f422059ae ("mm: change return type to vm_fault_t")
> Previously vm_insert_mixed() returns err which driver
> mapped into VM_FAULT_* type. Also return value of
> vm_insert_mixed() not handled correctly and 0 was
> returned inside fault_2d() as default. The new function
> vmf_insert_mixed() will replace this inefficiency by
> returning correct VM_FAULT_* type.
> vmf_error() is the newly introduce inline function
> in 4.17-rc6.
> Signed-off-by: Souptick Joarder <jrdr.linux@xxxxxxxxx>
> Reviewed-by: Matthew Wilcox <mawilcox@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> ---
> v2: Fixed kbuild error by initialized ret
> in fault_2d().
> drivers/gpu/drm/omapdrm/omap_gem.c | 51 +++++++++++++++++---------------------
> drivers/gpu/drm/omapdrm/omap_gem.h | 3 ++-
> 2 files changed, 25 insertions(+), 29 deletions(-)

Reviewed-by: Tomi Valkeinen <tomi.valkeinen@xxxxxx>

It's too late to get this to 4.18 via my normal routes. If you have
other similar patches queued and Linus/maintainers are ok to merge this
late, feel free to queue this that way.

Otherwise I can pick this up for my 4.19 patches.

Laurent, this will conflict omap_gem cleanups you did, but I don't think
there's anything problematic there.


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