Self repairing Linux

From: bengvald8080
Date: Sat Jun 09 2018 - 00:43:04 EST

Hi everyone, my name is Beng. I'm new to Linux kernel development but
one of the things I've decided to do is research on how Linux can be
self repaired, like the Unbreakable Linux kernel Sun has.

For example, if someone does 'rm -rf /' as root, it should process the
command and fix itself. I know this can be done with ZFS or SWR5, but
the kernel should have something to facilitate the means of making
sure a Linux installation never breaks.

I think this is more of a distribution level suggestion, but I
strongly feel that Linux should be able to repair itself. In a time of
AI, Clouds, cheap storage, robots, and malicious exploits, nothing on
Linux should break

How I want this to be implemented is some sort of sanity check on
operations tied to AI or something. I've known C for ten years and I'm
just getting around to digging through kernels and reading books on