Re: [PATCH] proc: prevent a task from writing on its own /proc/*/mem

From: Salvatore Mesoraca
Date: Sun Jun 10 2018 - 03:41:36 EST

2018-06-04 18:57 GMT+02:00 Steve Kemp <steve.backup.kemp@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> A configurable LSM is probably the right way to do this.
> I wonder how many out of tree LSM there are? Looking at the mainline
> kernel the only "small" LSM bundled is YAMA, and it seems that most of
> the patches proposing new ones eventually die out.
> I appreciate that there are probably a lot of "toy" or "local" modules
> out there for specific fields, companies, or products, but it does
> seem odd that there are so few discussed publicly.
> (The last two I remember were S.A.R.A and something relating to
> xattr-attributes being used to whitelist execution.)

FWIW S.A.R.A. is not dead [1].
Unfortunately it needs infrastructure managed security blobs, so I didn't
tried to get it upstream, yet.
Of course, I can't give you any guarantees about when or if it will be
but it's definitely still alive.