Re: [PATCH 1/4] ath10k: snoc: use correct bus-specific pointer in RX retry

From: Kalle Valo
Date: Tue Jun 12 2018 - 07:22:22 EST

Brian Norris <briannorris@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> We're 'ath10k_snoc', not 'ath10k_pci'. This probably means we're
> accessing junk data in ath10k_snoc_rx_replenish_retry(), unless
> 'ath10k_snoc' and 'ath10k_pci' happen to have very similar struct
> layouts.
> Noticed by inspection.
> Fixes: d915105231ca ("ath10k: add hif rx methods for wcn3990")
> Signed-off-by: Brian Norris <briannorris@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> ---
> It's possible this would be a for-4.18 target, since the buggy patch is
> in the -rc1 merge. But this driver is not fully operational yet. Also,
> I'm sending some companion refactorings to help avoid this bug. They
> probably aren't 4.18 material.

Yeah, in theory this should go to 4.18 but, like you said, snoc support
does not even work on 4.18 so there would be no benefit. Actually just
more work while we add final pieces of wcn3990 support to ath10k. So
I'll queue these to 4.19.

> Let me know if I should do anything differently.

This is very good as is, thanks.

Kalle Valo