Re: [PATCH] mtd: spi-nor: honour max_data_size for spi-nor writes

From: NeilBrown
Date: Tue Jun 12 2018 - 18:24:52 EST

On Tue, Jun 12 2018, Boris Brezillon wrote:

> Just because you managed to solve the problem in one driver does not
> mean the problem does not exist for others. I read this datasheet [1]
> several times and couldn't find a way to say 'I want to keep the CS
> asserted between 2 transactions', so I think we really need this patch.

I agree that my experience doesn't necessarily generalize. As the patch
carried by signed-off-by (even though I only wrote little parts of it) I
wanted to make it clear that I had no desire to promote the patch -
maybe I stated that too strongly.

Thanks for the link to the data sheet. I had a bit of a look, but
reading these things must be an art that I haven't fully mastered yet -
it would probably take me a few days to really understand it.
The Programmable Sequence Enginine (Section seems
interesting. I wouldn't be surprised that that lets you do interesting

It is obviously quite a powerful unit and it is surprising - to me -
that it might not allow arbitrarily long messages, but I cannot justify
the time to really dig in and see if that is the case.
Maybe you are right. I have no particular objections to the patch, I
just don't want to be seen as speaking in favour of it.


> Regards,
> Boris
> [1]

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