Re: v4.18-rc0: ohci-platform on n900 oops-es on reboot

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Fri Jun 15 2018 - 07:39:26 EST


> When I enable
> on n900 (I need it on droid4 and want common config), I get oops when
> attempting to reboot the system. I believe problem is there in v4.17,
> too.
> I'll try to build it as a module and debug, but if you have better
> idea, let me know...

It oopses in the ohci_shutdown, see the "oopses here" below.

Any ideas?

+ printk(KERN_CRIT "ohci_shutdown... have pointers %lx, %lx\n", hcd, ohci);
ohci_writel(ohci, (u32) ~0, &ohci->regs->intrdisable);
+ printk(KERN_CRIT "ohci_shutdown... disable done\n");
+ udelay(1000);
+ printk(KERN_CRIT "ohci_shutdown... disable done\n");

/* Software reset, after which the controller goes into SUSPEND */
ohci_writel(ohci, OHCI_HCR, &ohci->regs->cmdstatus);
+ printk(KERN_CRIT "ohci_shutdown... writel done\n");
ohci_readl(ohci, &ohci->regs->cmdstatus); /* flush the writes */
+ /* It oopses here */
+ printk(KERN_CRIT "ohci_shutdown... readl done\n");

+ printk(KERN_CRIT "ohci_shutdown... reset done\n");
ohci_writel(ohci, ohci->fminterval, &ohci->regs->fminterval);
ohci->rh_state = OHCI_RH_HALTED;
+ printk(KERN_CRIT "ohci_shutdown... all ok?\n");

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