Re: Cgroups "pids" controller does not update "pids.current" count immediately

From: Tejun Heo
Date: Fri Jun 15 2018 - 12:16:56 EST


On Fri, Jun 15, 2018 at 07:07:27PM +0300, Ivan Zahariev wrote:
> I understand all concerns and design decisions. However, having
> RLIMIT_NPROC support combined with "cgroups" hierarchy would be very
> handy.
> Does it make sense that you introduce "nproc.current" and
> "nproc.max" metrics which work in the same atomic, real-time way
> like RLIMIT_NPROC? Or make this in a new "nproc" controller?

I'm skeptical for two reasons.

1. That doesn't sound much like a resource control problem but more of
a policy enforcement problem.

2. and it's difficult to see why such policies would need to be that
strict. Where is the requirement coming from?