RE: [PATCH] bindings: add clocks optional binding for imx gpio

From: Anson Huang
Date: Mon Jul 02 2018 - 21:14:21 EST

Hi, Linus

Anson Huang
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> Subject: Re: [PATCH] bindings: add clocks optional binding for imx gpio
> On Fri, Jun 29, 2018 at 5:34 AM Anson Huang <Anson.Huang@xxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> > Some i.MX SoCs have GPIO clock gate in CCM, accessing GPIO registers
> > needs to enable GPIO clock gate first, i.MX GPIO driver will enable
> > clock gate if there is clock property in GPIO node of dtb, add
> > optional property to i.MX GPIO binding doc.
> >
> > Signed-off-by: Anson Huang <Anson.Huang@xxxxxxx>
> Make sense since the gpio-mxc driver already supports this :)
> > +Optional properties:
> > +- clocks: the clocks used by gpio bank
> Should the text be "the clock for clocking the GPIO silicon"
> I guess that is what it is. And singularis?

Yes, it is singularis, I will improve the text.

> Does it hurt to give the clock a name? Like the common "pclk" for peripheral
> clock or something similar that other i.MX silicon uses?

It is just because GPIO only needs one clock, and the driver does NOT get the
clock using clock name, so the GPIO node in dtb also has no clock name specified,
if we add a clock name here, dtb also need to be updated? And I saw other i.MX
modules which have only one clock, they also have no clock name specified, like I2C
on i.MX6QDL, I will send a V2 patch with text improved, thanks.


> Fabio: can we have your ACK on this too.
> Yours,
> Linus Walleij