[PATCH 0/9] sh: Remove soc_camera from defconfigs

From: Jacopo Mondi
Date: Wed Jul 04 2018 - 06:16:07 EST

Hi Hans,
this series removes the last occurrencies of soc_camera from arch/sh, this
time hopefully for real :)

I have updated defconfigs of the following boards to the last v4.18-rc2:
- Migo-R
- Ecovec24
- SE7724
- AP325RXA

and then enabled in defconfigs the new CEU driver with the associated image
sensor and video decoder driver.

Finally, I removed a stale include from Migo-R board file to which you pointed

Boot-tested on Migo-R, compile tested only for other platforms.

As usual, I'll let you pick this patches up, as this is work sparkled from
multimedia related issues, or either have them get in though the SH
maintainers tree if they prefer to.


Jacopo Mondi (9):
sh: defconfig: migor: Update defconfig
sh: defconfig: migor: Enable CEU and sensor drivers
sh: defconfig: ecovec: Update defconfig
sh: defconfig: ecovec: Enable CEU and video drivers
sh: defconfig: se7724: Update defconfig
sh: defconfig: se7724: Enable CEU and sensor driver
sh: defconfig: ap325rxa: Update defconfig
sh: defconfig: ap325rxa: Enable CEU and sensor driver
sh: migor: Remove stale soc_camera include

arch/sh/boards/mach-migor/setup.c | 1 -
arch/sh/configs/ap325rxa_defconfig | 29 +++++++----------------------
arch/sh/configs/ecovec24_defconfig | 35 ++++++++---------------------------
arch/sh/configs/migor_defconfig | 31 ++++++++-----------------------
arch/sh/configs/se7724_defconfig | 30 ++++++------------------------
5 files changed, 29 insertions(+), 97 deletions(-)