[Question] bpf: about a new 'tools/bpf/bpf_dwarf2btf'

From: Taeung Song
Date: Wed Jul 25 2018 - 13:23:42 EST


Building bpf programs with .BTF section,
I thought it'd be better to convert dwarf info to .BTF by
a new tool such as 'tools/bpf/bpf_dwarf2btf' instead of pahole
in the future.

Currently for bpf binary that have .BTF section,
we need to use pahole from https://github.com/iamkafai/pahole/tree/btf
with the command line such as "pahole -J bpf_prog.o".

I think it is great but if implementing new 'bpf_dwarf2btf'
(dwarf parsing + btf encoder code written by Martin KaFai Lau on
the pahole project i.e. btf.h, btf_encoder.c, btf_encoder.h, libbtf.c, libbtf.h),
BPF developers would more easily use functionalities based on BTF.

What do you think about this ? Do you think this is needed ?
Or, already implementing something like this ?

If it is needed, I want to try to make 'tools/bpf/bpf_dwarf2btf'
based on the pahole code. I'd appreciate it, if you reply to this