Re: [PATCH v1] mm: inititalize struct pages when adding a section

From: David Hildenbrand
Date: Mon Jul 30 2018 - 07:53:14 EST

On 30.07.2018 13:30, Michal Hocko wrote:
> On Fri 27-07-18 18:54:54, David Hildenbrand wrote:
>> Right now, struct pages are inititalized when memory is onlined, not
>> when it is added (since commit d0dc12e86b31 ("mm/memory_hotplug: optimize
>> memory hotplug")).
>> remove_memory() will call arch_remove_memory(). Here, we usually access
>> the struct page to get the zone of the pages.
>> So effectively, we access stale struct pages in case we remove memory that
>> was never onlined. So let's simply inititalize them earlier, when the
>> memory is added. We only have to take care of updating the zone once we
>> know it. We can use a dummy zone for that purpose.
> I have considered something like this when I was reworking memory
> hotplug to not associate struct pages with zone before onlining and I
> considered this to be rather fragile. I would really not like to get
> back to that again if possible.
>> So effectively, all pages will already be initialized and set to
>> reserved after memory was added but before it was onlined (and even the
>> memblock is added). We only inititalize pages once, to not degrade
>> performance.
> To be honest, I would rather see d0dc12e86b31 reverted. It is late in
> the release cycle and if the patch is buggy then it should be reverted
> rather than worked around. I found the optimization not really
> convincing back then and this is still the case TBH.

If I am not wrong, that's already broken in 4.17, no? What about that?

If we don't care about that, then I agree to reverting said commit for



David / dhildenb