Re: [PATCH] drivers/staging: Remove some unneeded semicolon

From: Gao Xiang
Date: Sun Aug 05 2018 - 21:28:06 EST

Hi Jiang,

On 2018/8/5 21:57, zhong jiang wrote:
> That semicolons are unneeded, JUst remove them.
> Signed-off-by: zhong jiang <zhongjiang@xxxxxxxxxx>

Thanks for your patch. Since erofs and gasket are different feature, it is better to seperate into two patches.
and could you please cc linux-erofs mailing list <linux-erofs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> as well?

Yes, there is an extra semicolon in z_erofs_vle_unzip_all, it was reported by Julia Lawall several days ago.
Actually, there is a patch in linux-erofs mailing list, but it seems that Chao hasn't reviewed it yet...

I will add Signed-off-by: zhong jiang <zhongjiang@xxxxxxxxxx> to the original patch if if you don't mind, do you?

Gao Xiang