Re: [PATCH v2] mtd: rawnand: denali: do not pass zero maxchips to nand_scan()

From: Boris Brezillon
Date: Mon Aug 27 2018 - 03:23:56 EST

On Mon, 27 Aug 2018 16:01:41 +0900
Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Commit 49aa76b16676 ("mtd: rawnand: do not execute nand_scan_ident()
> if maxchips is zero") gave a new meaning for calling nand_scan_ident()
> with maxchips=0.
> It is a special usage for some drivers such as docg4, but actually
> the Denali driver may pass maxchips=0 to nand_scan() when the driver
> is enabled but no NAND chip is found on the board for some reasons.
> If nand_scan_with_ids() is called with maxchips=0, nand_scan_ident()
> is skipped, then nand_set_defaults() is skipped as well. Thus, the
> driver must set chip->controller beforehand. Otherwise, nand_attach()
> causes NULL pointer dereference.
> In fact, the Denali controller knows the number of connected chips
> before calling nand_scan_ident(); if DEVICE_RESET fails, there is no
> chip in that chip select. Then, denali_reset_banks() sets the maxchips
> to the number of detected chips. If no chip is found, maxchips is zero.
> In this case, there is no point for calling nand_scan() because we know
> it will fail for sure. Let's make the probe function fail immediately.
> Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Looks good to me. I'm waiting for Miquel's ack and I'll queue it to