Re: 4.19-rc1 on droid 4: screen not updating

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Tue Aug 28 2018 - 18:42:03 EST


> > With Sebastian's patches, display works on Droid 4 in v4.18.
> Hmm care to post your v4.18 patches somewhere too for people?
> I'd have to look around for them since I've been using Linux
> next for past few months.

I don't have patches separated at the moment. I pushed the branch to



> Also, do you have v4.19-rc1 versions of your pending audio
> patches somewhere? I'd like to play with voice calls again
> now with my WIP pending n_gsm serdev patches..

I pushed that to all-v4.19 .

> > I had to do some manual merging, and I see kernel messages in
> > v4.19-rc1, but they are frozen -- no updates.
> >
> > a) does someone have it working?
> I have had it working for few weeks since I'm following
> Linux next. I just pushed Sebastian's patches I rebased
> earlier today against v4.19-rc1 to [0][1].

Thanks, will take a look tommorow.

> > b) is there some way I can help to get it working in mainline? Droid 4
> > is not exactly new, and this is painful point that makes it hard to
> > use.
> Well since Sebastian is busy according to [2], maybe try to update
> Sebastian's mfd-ti-lmu backlight patches so they can get merged?
> Please check with Sebastian, but that would cut down the pending
> pile by quite a few patches.

Ok, let me take a look.

I currently don't have the patches separated, and yes, the audio ones
work, but no, they are not designed right :-(.

Best regards,

> [0] git:// droid4-pending-v4.19
> [1]
> [2]

(cesky, pictures)

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