Re: [PATCH] Revert "net: stmmac: Do not keep rearming the coalesce timer in stmmac_xmit"

From: Jose Abreu
Date: Wed Aug 29 2018 - 09:56:56 EST

++ Martin

Hi Martin,

I just saw you have the same problem as Jerome. Can you please
share the information I mention bellow?

Thanks and Best Regards,
Jose Miguel Abreu

On 28-08-2018 09:12, Jose Abreu wrote:
> Hi Jerome,
> On 24-08-2018 10:04, Jerome Brunet wrote:
>> This reverts commit 4ae0169fd1b3c792b66be58995b7e6b629919ecf.
>> This change in the handling of the coalesce timer is causing regression on
>> (at least) amlogic platforms.
>> Network will break down very quickly (a few seconds) after starting
>> a download. This can easily be reproduced using iperf3 for example.
>> The problem has been reported on the S805, S905, S912 and A113 SoCs
>> (Realtek and Micrel PHYs) and it is likely impacting all Amlogics
>> platforms using Gbit ethernet
>> No problem was seen with the platform using 10/100 only PHYs (GXL internal)
>> Reverting change brings things back to normal and allows to use network
>> again until we better understand the problem with the coalesce timer.
> Apologies for the delayed answer but I was in FTO.
> I'm not sure what can be causing this but I have some questions
> for you:
> - What do you mean by "network will break down"? Do you see
> queue timeout?
> - What do you see in ethtool/ifconfig stats? Can you send me
> the stats before and after network break?
> - Is your setup multi-queue/channel?
> - Can you point me to the DT bindings of your setup?
> Thanks and Best Regards,
> Jose Miguel Abreu