Re: Intel Wireless 8265/8275 (rev 78) issue

From: Dave Young
Date: Thu Aug 30 2018 - 01:02:55 EST

On 08/29/18 at 06:20pm, Kalle Valo wrote:
> Dave Young <dyoung@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Not sure if this is a known issue, I'm seeing this with latest mainline
> > kernel on Fedora rawhide.
> >
> > The wireless networking is not stable, I can not access network any more after
> > downloading some big files or just browsing some web pages about some
> > time. I do not see this when I work in office. So this maybe relate to
> > wireless router.
> >
> > "Can not access network" means ping timeout, can not open web pages etc.
> > But the wireless connection looks normal at least from the
> > NetworkManager icon it is still connected.
> >
> > The router I used at home is an old ASUS WL520gc. I can confirm I can
> > reproduce this with another ASUA router WL-500gP v2
> >
> > My laptop model is Thinkpad T480s. It is painful I can only use
> > wireless, any hints how to make it work will be appreciated!
> Not everyone use Fedora so providing info which kernel versions work and
> which don't would help. Does Fedora usually add their own patches/hacks
> to kernel or is it a stock release from Also have you
> verified that this isn't a problem in user space, for example by
> downgrading the kernel to an older version?

I sometimes use self-built upstream kernel, sometimes use Fedora
kernels, none of them works well. Since I got this new laptop about
less two months, this issue happens from the very beginning, not sure if
there's any old release works for me.