Re: [PATCH 0/3] firmware: qcom: scm: Improve clock handling

From: Stephen Boyd
Date: Thu Aug 30 2018 - 21:08:01 EST

Quoting Bjorn Andersson (2018-08-29 16:15:02)
> We're currently facing the issue that every new platform requires the addition
> of a compatible to the DT binding as well as the driver.
> The DT binding patch to allow us to use qcom,scm for all these new platforms
> that doesn't require any clocks and the driver is reworked to make the qcom,scm
> still pick up specified clocks in this case but won't require them.
> This makes it possible to add new platforms by simply add the new compatible to
> the list in the DT binding, but no changes needs to be done in the driver.
> Which is what is done in patch 3.

I still think it may be even simpler to move to the "get all the clks"
API and then stop caring completely. Any reason to not do that?