Re: [PATCH v3 20/30] iio: adc: sun4i-gpadc-iio: rework: device specific suspend & resume

From: Philipp Rossak
Date: Fri Aug 31 2018 - 08:06:09 EST

On 31.08.2018 11:09, Maxime Ripard wrote:
+static int sun4i_ths_suspend(struct sun4i_gpadc_iio *info)
suspend is already a hook in the kernel, which hasn't the same meaning
than runtime_suspend (and the same applies to resume), so we'd rather
pick a better name. And all the functions (and the driver) use gpadc,
please continue to use that prefix.

I agree.
For the newer sensors (from H3) the Sensor is referenced in the datasheets as Thermal Sensor short THS. So I would like to use for the newer sensors that prefix. Is that ok?