Re: [PATCH] sched/fair: vruntime should normalize when switching from fair

From: Dietmar Eggemann
Date: Tue Sep 11 2018 - 02:25:02 EST

On 09/07/2018 12:58 AM, Vincent Guittot wrote:
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Hi Juri,

On 08/23/2018 11:54 PM, Juri Lelli wrote:
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On 08/21/2018 01:54 AM, Miguel de Dios wrote:
On 08/17/2018 11:27 AM, Steve Muckle wrote:
From: John Dias <joaodias@xxxxxxxxxx>


Adding semaphores is possible but rt-app has no easy way to initialize
individual objects, e.g. sem_init(..., value). The only way I see is via the
global section, like "pi_enabled". But then, this is true for all objects of
this kind (in this case mutexes)?

Right, global section should work fine. Why do you think this is a

keep in mind that rt-app still have "ressources" section. This one is
optional and almost never used as resources can be created on the fly
but it's still there and can be used to initialize resources if needed
like semaphore

I wasn't aware of that but this will do the job AFAICS. I just have to re-introduce the direct calls to init_foo_resource() (in this case init_sem_resource()) in init_resource_data() and call that instead of init_resource_data() for semaphores listed in the global resources section.

Example for a semaphore b_sem with initial value eq. 1:

"resources" : {
"b_sem" : { "type" : "sem_wait", "value" : 1 }