RE: [PATCH] rdma: move the ib_wr_opcode enum to include/uapi

From: Nikolova, Tatyana E
Date: Wed Sep 19 2018 - 19:04:25 EST

Hi Jason,

> > What is the correct way for a user space application to check whether
> > a NIC supports SEND_WITH_INVAL? We are currently examining the
> > device_cap_flags in the structure returned by ibv_query_device.
> > Specifically, we're looking at IBV_DEVICE_MEM_MGT_EXTENSIONS.
> However,
> > for i40iw, that flag is set. I'm concerned that the feature support
> > flags are common between user space and the kernel, but the actual
> support differs in this case.
> That is the correct thing to do. Sadly the i40iw driver is broken, it should be
> fixed to either mask those flags or implement the functionality.

A fix to add SEND_WITH_INVAL support to the user space i40iw is coming.
It is currently in regression testing.

Thank you,

> Jason