Re: Code of Conduct: Let's revamp it.

From: Edward Cree
Date: Thu Sep 20 2018 - 18:57:22 EST

On 20/09/18 10:27, unconditionedwitness@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Contributors can, at any time, rescind the license grant regarding their
> property via written notice to those whom they are rescinding the grant
> from (regarding their property (code)).

I know others have already said it, but:
This is legally nonsense. The only way I can revoke someone's rights to
my code under the GPL is if they violate the terms of the GPL. If I
were to do so otherwise, then _I_ would be in violation for having
distributed derived works of the kernel without a GPL, not to mention
the obvious reliance/estoppel problems.

Moreover, even if I _could_ revoke the license, I wouldn't want to do
so; it would be ridiculously petty in itself and the precedent it would
set would be destructive to the entire open-source community, about
which I care deeply. It is _because_ Linux and other open-source
projects are so important to humanity that I spoke up about what I
perceive as a threat to it.

In short, "unconditionedwitness", please shut up. You're not helping.