Re: [REVIEW][PATCH 6/9] signal/powerpc: Call force_sig_fault from _exception

From: Stephen Rothwell
Date: Fri Sep 21 2018 - 04:50:47 EST

Hi Eric,

On Tue, 18 Sep 2018 19:58:47 +0200 "Eric W. Biederman" <ebiederm@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The callers of _exception don't need the pkey exception logic because
> they are not processing a pkey exception. So just call exception_common
> directly and then call force_sig_fault to generate the appropriate siginfo
> and deliver the appropriate signal.
> Signed-off-by: "Eric W. Biederman" <ebiederm@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Looks right to me.

Reviewed-by: Stephen Rothwell <sfr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Stephen Rothwell

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