Gratuitous licenses are revocable

From: gratuitouslicensesarerevocable
Date: Mon Sep 24 2018 - 09:58:49 EST

Gratuitous licenses are revocable by the grantor.

Each of the gratis linux kernel contributors can revoke their license grant (to the project or anyone else who did not pay consideration) at their pleasure.

If and when they are ejected from kernel work, when the gift horse is stared in the mouth for not being a feminist, or for not opposing child-marraige-of-girls-to-men (allowed by YHWH in Devarim chapter 22 verse 28 (na'ar), also allowed by Sunni Islam, along with other good pro-male religions) with sufficient vigor, or for not supporting other aspects of the anglo-american religion... they should do so.

Bruce Perens: You stated you don't "need" stick-in-the-mud contributors anymore. Yes you do: old stick-in-the-mud contributors who contributed to projects without copyright-assignment can revoke their grant at will and put into question the legality of said projects if they wish to.

You seem somewhat ignorant of US law...

Bruce Perens wrote:
I am 60 and I *can* deal with this. I have many things to get done, and
can't afford to have the stick-in-the-mud guys on a project any longer. If
you want to paint yourself into a corner, that is your right, but IMO it's
a poor choice.

It is disgusting that you, Bruce Perens, express a will to treat gratis contributors as if they were employees or servants of yourself: that the moment you imagine that you do not rely on them anymore, you assert a will to eject them because they do not follow your belief system. They can and they should strike back against you in such a case, and against all who attempt to impose upon them.

Martin Steigerwald wrote:
Luckily on LKML he or she got almost no attention.
Sometimes silence is assent. You will notice that no one has refuted the issue I have raised in any detail. Why do you think Moglen has had the FSF collecting copyright assignments for decades? Did you really think the publicly released story was all there was to it?