Re: [LKP] [mm, oom] 6209f6fc62: general_protection_fault:#[##]

From: Rong Chen
Date: Tue Sep 25 2018 - 03:00:00 EST

On 09/25/2018 02:06 PM, Michal Hocko wrote:
On Tue 25-09-18 13:48:20, kernel test robot wrote:
FYI, we noticed the following commit (built with gcc-7):

commit: 6209f6fc62835d84c2a92d237588a114e39436ce ("mm, oom: rework mmap_exit vs. oom_reaper synchronization") UPDATE-20180911-024633/Tetsuo-Handa/mm-oom-Fix-unnecessary-killing-of-additional-processes/20180910-163452
Do you have a msg-id to the patch that has been tested?

message_id: 20180910125513.311-2-mhocko@xxxxxxxxxx

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Rong Chen