[PATCH 2/5] dt-bindings: usb: xhci-tegra: Add power-domain details

From: Jon Hunter
Date: Wed Sep 26 2018 - 08:27:52 EST

Add details for power-domains to the Tegra xHCI bindings so that
generic power-domains can be used for inconjunction with the xHCI

Signed-off-by: Jon Hunter <jonathanh@xxxxxxxxxx>
Documentation/devicetree/bindings/usb/nvidia,tegra124-xusb.txt | 8 ++++++++
1 file changed, 8 insertions(+)

diff --git a/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/usb/nvidia,tegra124-xusb.txt b/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/usb/nvidia,tegra124-xusb.txt
index 3eee9e505400..4156c3e181c5 100644
--- a/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/usb/nvidia,tegra124-xusb.txt
+++ b/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/usb/nvidia,tegra124-xusb.txt
@@ -59,6 +59,14 @@ For Tegra210:
- avdd-pll-uerefe-supply: PLLE reference PLL power supply. Must supply 1.05 V.
- dvdd-pex-pll-supply: PCIe/USB3 PLL power supply. Must supply 1.05 V.
- hvdd-pex-pll-e-supply: High-voltage PLLE power supply. Must supply 1.8 V.
+- power-domains: A list of PM domain specifiers that reference each power-domain
+ used by the xHCI controller. This list must comprise of a specifier for the
+ XUSBA and XUSBC power-domains. See ../power/power_domain.txt and
+ ../arm/tegra/nvidia,tegra20-pmc.txt for details.
+- power-domain-names: A list of names that represent each of the specifiers in
+ the 'power-domains' property. Must include 'xusb_ss' and 'xusb_host' which
+ represent the power-domains XUSBA and XUSBC, respectively. See
+ ../power/power_domain.txt for details.

Optional properties: