Re: [PATCH net 10/10] rxrpc: Fix the packet reception routine

From: David Howells
Date: Mon Oct 08 2018 - 19:41:38 EST

David Howells <dhowells@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> struct rxrpc_call *rxrpc_new_incoming_call(struct rxrpc_local *local,
> struct rxrpc_sock *rx,
> - struct rxrpc_peer *peer,
> - struct rxrpc_connection *conn,
> struct sk_buff *skb)
> {
> struct rxrpc_skb_priv *sp = rxrpc_skb(skb);
> + struct rxrpc_connection *conn;
> + struct rxrpc_peer *peer;

'peer' needs to be initialised to NULL here to prevent an oops later if we
fail to look the peer up.

- struct rxrpc_peer *peer;
+ struct rxrpc_peer *peer = NULL;

I've repushed the branch with a new tag rxrpc-fixes-20181008-b if you could
pull that instead. I can repost the series if you'd prefer.