Re: [PATCH 17/29] staging: bcm2835-audio: Add 10ms period constraint [Resend in plain text...]

From: Stefan Wahren
Date: Thu Oct 11 2018 - 10:07:57 EST

Hi Mike,

Am 11.10.2018 um 14:53 schrieb Mike Brady:
> Hi Takashi. Just testing out the updated bcm2835 audio driver â it seems that it will underflow at somewhere above about 4410 and below 5120 frames, whereas the present driver is happy down to at least 2000 frames â I havenât tried lower than about 1700.

in order to avoid confusion please describe a behavior relative to
commit hashes and trees.

Are you able to bisect to a specific commit?

> Is this change meant to happen?

Takashi's series has been applied to next since a month.


> Regards
> Mike