Re: [PATCH] staging: iio: ad7816: Switch to the gpio descriptor interface

From: Lars-Peter Clausen
Date: Tue Oct 16 2018 - 11:10:41 EST

On 10/16/2018 04:46 PM, Nishad Kamdar wrote:
> Use the gpiod interface for rdwr_pin, convert_pin and busy_pin
> instead of the deprecated old non-descriptor interface.
> Signed-off-by: Nishad Kamdar <nishadkamdar@xxxxxxxxx>


Thanks for the patch, this looks good.

One thing about the error messages though.

> + chip->rdwr_pin = devm_gpiod_get(&spi_dev->dev, "rdwr", GPIOD_IN);
> + if (IS_ERR(chip->rdwr_pin)) {
> + ret = PTR_ERR(chip->rdwr_pin);
> dev_err(&spi_dev->dev, "Fail to request rdwr gpio PIN %d.\n",
> - chip->rdwr_pin);
> + ret);

This previously showed the pin number which has now been replaced with the
error code. The message doesn't make that much sense semantically anymore.
Maybe replace it with something like

"Failed to request rdwr GPIO: %d\n", ret

> return ret;