Re: Crash in msm serial on dragonboard with ftrace bootargs

From: Sai Prakash Ranjan
Date: Fri Oct 19 2018 - 02:54:21 EST

On 10/19/2018 9:47 AM, Joel Fernandes wrote:
On Thu, Oct 18, 2018 at 09:17:06AM -0400, Steven Rostedt wrote:
On Thu, 18 Oct 2018 10:51:18 +0530
Sai Prakash Ranjan <saiprakash.ranjan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

So something else is causing an issue besides just msm_read.

Can you do an objdump -dr of the entire vmlinux binary and gzip it and
post it somewhere. Not sure if it would be too big to email. You could
try sending it to me privately. I'd like to see the binary that you are

I have sent the objdump and dot config to you privately.

Thanks. I don't see anything that pops out, but then again, my arm asm
foo is very rusty (it has been literally decades since I did any arm
asm). I wonder if it could simply be a timing issue?

ffff0000086eb538 <msm_read.isra.1>:
ffff0000086eb538: a9be7bfd stp x29, x30, [sp,#-32]!
ffff0000086eb53c: 910003fd mov x29, sp
ffff0000086eb540: a90153f3 stp x19, x20, [sp,#16]
ffff0000086eb544: aa0003f4 mov x20, x0
ffff0000086eb548: 2a0103f3 mov w19, w1
ffff0000086eb54c: aa1e03e0 mov x0, x30
ffff0000086eb550: 97e6bae4 bl ffff00000809a0e0 <_mcount>

The above is changed to nop on boot, but then to:

bl ftrace_caller

When ftrace is enabled.

ffff0000086eb554: 8b334280 add x0, x20, w19, uxtw
ffff0000086eb558: b9400000 ldr w0, [x0]
ffff0000086eb55c: a94153f3 ldp x19, x20, [sp,#16]
ffff0000086eb560: a8c27bfd ldp x29, x30, [sp],#32
ffff0000086eb564: d65f03c0 ret

ffff00000809a0e4 <ftrace_caller>:
ffff00000809a0e4: a9bf7bfd stp x29, x30, [sp,#-16]!
ffff00000809a0e8: 910003fd mov x29, sp
ffff00000809a0ec: d10013c0 sub x0, x30, #0x4
ffff00000809a0f0: f94003a1 ldr x1, [x29]
ffff00000809a0f4: f9400421 ldr x1, [x1,#8]
ffff00000809a0f8: d1001021 sub x1, x1, #0x4

ffff00000809a0fc <ftrace_call>:
ffff00000809a0fc: d503201f nop

The above nop gets patched to:

bl ftrace_ops_no_ops

Which will iterate through all the registered functions.

ffff00000809a100 <ftrace_graph_call>:
ffff00000809a100: d503201f nop

The above only gets set when function graph tracer is enabled, which it
is not in this case.

ffff00000809a104: a8c17bfd ldp x29, x30, [sp],#16
ffff00000809a108: d65f03c0 ret

Anyone see any problems here?

This seems sane to me, he says in the other thread that he put 'notrace' to
the msm serial functions (which AIUI should prevent ftrace instrumentation)
and he still sees the issue.

Yes I did add notrace to all functions in msm serial and checked the objdump to make sure that those were not instrumented, and yet the target crashed. This doesnt seem like an issue with ftrace but rather with msm early con.


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