RE: [PATCH] binder: ipc namespace support for android binder

From: chouryzhou(åå)
Date: Mon Oct 29 2018 - 22:31:55 EST

> > > It's not obvious from this patch where this dependency comes
> > > from...why is SYSVIPC required? I'd like to not have to require
> > > IPC_NS either for devices.
> >
> > Yes, the patch is not highly dependent on SYSVIPC, but it will be
> > convenient if require it. I will update it to drop dependency of it in
> > V2 patch. This patch doesn't need IPC_NS set at present.
> Actually it is dependent on IPC_NS since it makes changes to ipc/namespace.c which is compiled only if CONFIG_IPC_NS.

Actually it does not require IPC_NS, the code in ipc/namespace.c are namespace specific,
and is *not needed* if ipc namespace is not supported. <------ fixed here

> There are a couple more implementations similar to this one.
> and some submissions to AOSP derived from that one that introduce a generic registration function for namespace support [1], and changes to binder to implement namespaces [2].
> If this is really needed, then we should have a solution that works for devices without requiring IPC_NS or SYSVIPC. Also, we should not add binder-specific code to ipc/namespace.c or include/linux/ipc_namespace.h.
> -Todd
> [1]
> [2]

If the binder will be isolated by namespace, it must put binder proc and binder context in ipc_namespace (or with something like void* as [1] did)
I have sent the V2 patch, that patch does not require SYSVIPC or IPC_NS. If IPC_NS is not set, binder_init will put proc and context into init_ipc_ns.
If SYSVIPC and CONFIG_POSIX_MQUEUE are both unset, I will make a fake init_ipc_ns to put them. it is marked as no static intentionally to let compile
generate an error if it has defined somewhere alse. The code in ipc/namespace.c is just to notify binder to do some installationwhere namespace are
creating, If no IPC_NS set, the initialization in binder_init will be enough.
So please review and test the V2 patch.