Linux 4.20-rc2

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Sun Nov 11 2018 - 18:16:28 EST

Fairly normal week, aside from me traveling.

Shortlog appended, but it all looks fine: about half drivers, wih the
rest being the usual architecture updates, tooling, networking, and
some filesystem updates.

Go forth and test,



Aaro Koskinen (2):
MIPS: OCTEON: fix out of bounds array access on CN68XX
arm64: dts: stratix10: fix multicast filtering

Adrian Hunter (6):
perf scripts python: Fall back to
perf scripts python: Add Selected branches report
perf scripts python: Add help window
perf scripts python: Fix table find when
table re-ordered
perf intel-pt: Add more event information to debug log
perf intel-pt: Add MTC and CYC timestamps to debug log

Ajay Gupta (2):
i2c: add i2c bus driver for NVIDIA GPU
usb: typec: ucsi: add support for Cypress CCGx

Akeem G Abodunrin (1):
ice: Fix dead device link issue with flow control

Alex Deucher (7):
Revert "drm/amd/display: set backlight level limit to 1"
drm/amdgpu/vega20: add CLK base offset
drm/amdgpu/display: check if fbc is available in
set_static_screen_control (v2)
drm/amdgpu: add DC feature mask module parameter
drm/amdgpu/display/dc: add FBC to dc_config
drm/amdgpu/display/dm: handle FBC dc feature parameter
drm/amdgpu/display/dce11: only enable FBC when selected

Alexandre Belloni (1):
net: mvneta: correct typo

Alexey Kodanev (2):
rtnetlink: restore handling of dumpit return value in rtnl_dump_all()
ipv6: properly check return value in inet6_dump_all()

Andi Kleen (2):
perf evlist: Move perf_evsel__reset_weak_group into evlist
perf record: Support weak groups

Andrei Vagin (1):
sock_diag: fix autoloading of the raw_diag module

Andrew Lunn (1):
net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: Fix clearing of stats counters

Andrey Ryabinin (1):
netfilter: ipset: fix ip_set_list allocation failure

Andrzej Hajda (2):
drm/exynos/dsi: register connector if it is created after drm bind
drm/exynos/fbdev: do not skip fbdev init if there are no connectors

Anirudh Venkataramanan (4):
ice: Set carrier state and start/stop queues in rebuild
ice: Check for reset in progress during remove
ice: Remove duplicate addition of VLANs in replay path
ice: Fix typo in error message

Anton Ivanov (1):
ubd: fix missing initialization of io_req

Ard Biesheuvel (3):
ARM: 8809/1: proc-v7: fix Thumb annotation of cpu_v7_hvc_switch_mm
arm64: mm: define NET_IP_ALIGN to 0
arm64: memblock: don't permit memblock resizing until linear mapping is up

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (5):
perf examples bpf: Start augmenting raw_syscalls:sys_{start,exit}
perf trace: When augmenting raw_syscalls plug raw_syscalls:sys_exit too
perf trace: Fix setting of augmented payload when using eBPF +
perf augmented_syscalls: Start collecting pathnames in the BPF program
perf beauty: Use SRCARCH, ARCH=x86_64 must map to "x86" to find
the headers

Arnd Bergmann (5):
qed: fix link config error handling
openvswitch: fix linking without CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_LABELS
mtd: docg3: don't set conflicting BCH_CONST_PARAMS option
HID: asus: fix build warning wiht CONFIG_ASUS_WMI disabled
btrfs: avoid link error with CONFIG_NO_AUTO_INLINE

Baolin Wang (1):
leds: trigger: Fix sleeping function called from invalid context

Benjamin Tissoires (2):
Revert "HID: add NOGET quirk for Eaton Ellipse MAX UPS"
HID: alps: allow incoming reports when only the trackstick is opened

Boris Brezillon (4):
mtd: nand: Fix nanddev_neraseblocks()
mtd: spi-nor: Reset nor->addr_width when SFDP parsing failed
mtd: sa1100: avoid VLA in sa1100_setup_mtd
mtd: nand: Fix nanddev_pos_next_page() kernel-doc header

Borislav Petkov (1):
resource/docs: Complete kernel-doc style function documentation

Breno Leitao (1):
HID: hiddev: fix potential Spectre v1

Brett Creeley (2):
ice: Fix tx_timeout in PF driver
ice: Fix the bytecount sent to netdev_tx_sent_queue

Chinh T Cao (1):
ice: Change req_speeds to be u16

Chris Wilson (3):
drm/i915: Mark up GTT sizes as u64
drm/i915: Compare user's 64b GTT offset even on 32b
drm/i915: Mark pin flags as u64

Christian Hewitt (1):
clk: meson-gxbb: set fclk_div3 as CLK_IS_CRITICAL

Christoph Hellwig (1):
Revert "nvmet-rdma: use a private workqueue for delete"

Christophe JAILLET (2):
mtd: spi-nor: cadence-quadspi: Return error code in
xfs: Fix error code in 'xfs_ioc_getbmap()'

Clint Taylor (1):
drm/i915/hdmi: Add HDMI 2.0 audio clock recovery N values

Cong Wang (1):
net: drop skb on failure in ip_check_defrag()

Dan Carpenter (1):
drm/exynos: checking for NULL instead of IS_ERR()

Daniel Borkmann (1):
bpf: fix bpf_prog_get_info_by_fd to return 0 func_lens for unpriv

Darrick J. Wong (1):
xfs: print buffer offsets when dumping corrupt buffers

Dave Chinner (1):
xfs: fix overflow in xfs_attr3_leaf_verify

Dave Ertman (1):
ice: Fix napi delete calls for remove

David Howells (1):
rxrpc: Fix lockup due to no error backoff after ack transmit error

Denis Bolotin (3):
qed: Fix memory/entry leak in qed_init_sp_request()
qed: Fix blocking/unlimited SPQ entries leak
qed: Fix SPQ entries not returned to pool in error flows

Dhinakaran Pandiyan (1):
drm/i915: Fix VIDEO_DIP_CTL bit shifts

Dmitry Bogdanov (3):
net: aquantia: fix potential IOMMU fault after driver unbind
net: aquantia: invalid checksumm offload implementation
net: aquantia: allow rx checksum offload configuration

Dmitry Osipenko (1):
hwmon: (core) Fix double-free in __hwmon_device_register()

Dmitry V. Levin (2):
uapi: fix linux/kfd_ioctl.h userspace compilation errors
uapi: fix more linux/kfd_ioctl.h userspace compilation errors

Doug Berger (1):
net: bcmgenet: protect stop from timeout

Eial Czerwacki (1):
x86/vsmp: Remove dependency on pv_irq_ops

Eric Dumazet (5):
net: bql: add __netdev_tx_sent_queue()
net: do not abort bulk send on BQL status
net/mlx4_en: use __netdev_tx_sent_queue()
inet: frags: better deal with smp races
act_mirred: clear skb->tstamp on redirect

Eric W. Biederman (3):
mount: Retest MNT_LOCKED in do_umount
mount: Don't allow copying MNT_UNBINDABLE|MNT_LOCKED mounts
mount: Prevent MNT_DETACH from disconnecting locked mounts

Eric Westbrook (1):
netfilter: ipset: actually allow allowable CIDR 0 in hash:net,port,net

Evan Quan (2):
drm/amd/powerplay: set a default fclk/gfxclk ratio
drm/amd/powerplay: always use fast UCLK switching when UCLK DPM enabled

Fabrizio Castro (1):
dt-bindings: arm: Fix RZ/G2E part number

Filipe Manana (4):
Btrfs: fix missing data checksums after a ranged fsync (msync)
Btrfs: fix deadlock on tree root leaf when finding free extent
Btrfs: fix infinite loop on inode eviction after deduplication
of eof block
Btrfs: fix data corruption due to cloning of eof block

Florian Fainelli (1):
net: systemport: Protect stop from timeout

Florian Westphal (2):
netfilter: ipv6: fix oops when defragmenting locally generated fragments
netfilter: nft_compat: ebtables 'nat' table is normal chain type

Frieder Schrempf (1):
usbnet: smsc95xx: disable carrier check while suspending

Geert Uytterhoeven (4):
serial: sh-sci: Fix receive on SCIFA/SCIFB variants with DMA
hwmon: (ibmpowernv) Remove bogus __init annotations
Documentation: ABI: led-trigger-pattern: Fix typos
MAINTAINERS: Fix remaining pointers to obsolete libata.git

Giulio Benetti (2):
drm/sun4i: tcon: fix check of tcon->panel null pointer
drm/sun4i: tcon: prevent tcon->panel dereference if NULL

Guenter Roeck (1):
Revert "scripts/setlocalversion: git: Make -dirty check more robust"

Gustavo Romero (1):
perf tools: Fix undefined symbol scnprintf in

H. Peter Anvin (1):
termios, tty/tty_baudrate.c: fix buffer overrun

H. Peter Anvin (Intel) (1):
arch/alpha, termios: implement BOTHER, IBSHIFT and termios2

Hang Yuan (2):
drm/i915/gvt: invalidate old ggtt page when update ggtt entry
drm/i915/gvt: support inconsecutive partial gtt entry write

Harry Wentland (1):
drm/amd/display: Stop leaking planes

Heiko Carstens (1):
s390: update defconfigs

Holger HoffstÃtte (1):
net: phy: realtek: fix RTL8201F sysfs name

Huazhong Tan (1):
net: hns3: bugfix for not checking return value

Igor Russkikh (2):
net: aquantia: synchronized flow control between mac/phy
net: aquantia: fixed enable unicast on 32 macvlan

Ilya Dryomov (1):
libceph: assume argonaut on the server side

Inki Dae (1):
Revert "drm/exynos/decon5433: implement frame counter"

Jacob Keller (2):
i40e: restore NETIF_F_GSO_IPXIP[46] to netdev features
i40e: enable NETIF_F_NTUPLE and NETIF_F_HW_TC at driver load

Jakub Kicinski (1):
net: sched: cls_flower: validate nested enc_opts_policy to avoid warning

Jann Horn (1):
userns: also map extents in the reverse map to kernel IDs

Jarod Wilson (1):
bonding/802.3ad: fix link_failure_count tracking

Jeff Barnhill (2):
net/ipv6: Add anycast addresses to a global hashtable
net/ipv6: Move anycast init/cleanup functions out of CONFIG_PROC_FS

Jens Axboe (1):
ubd: fix missing lock around request issue

Jeremy Linton (1):
lib/raid6: Fix arm64 test build

Jerome Brunet (1):
clk: meson: axg: mark fdiv2 and fdiv3 as critical

Jerry (Fangzhi) Zuo (2):
drm/amd/display: Cleanup MST non-atomic code workaround
drm/amd/display: Drop reusing drm connector for MST

Jin Yao (1):
perf top: Display the LBR stats in callchain entry

Jiri Kosina (1):
HID: moving to group maintainership model

Jiri Olsa (1):
perf tools: Do not zero sample_id_all for group members

Jiri Slaby (1):
netfilter: bridge: define INT_MIN & INT_MAX in userspace

Johannes Thumshirn (1):
block: respect virtual boundary mask in bvecs

John Garry (1):
of, numa: Validate some distance map rules

Jon Maloy (1):
tipc: fix link re-establish failure

Jozsef Kadlecsik (2):
netfilter: ipset: Correct rcu_dereference() call in ip_set_put_comment()
netfilter: ipset: Fix calling ip_set() macro at dumping

Juergen Gross (3):
x86/xen: fix pv boot
xen: fix xen_qlock_wait()
xen: remove size limit of privcmd-buf mapping interface

Julian Sax (1):
HID: i2c-hid: add Direkt-Tek DTLAPY133-1 to descriptor override

Julian Wiedmann (6):
s390/qeth: sanitize strings in debug messages
s390/qeth: fix HiperSockets sniffer
s390/qeth: unregister netdevice only when registered
s390/qeth: fix initial operstate
s390/qeth: sanitize ARP requests
s390/qeth: report 25Gbit link speed

Juri Lelli (1):
posix-cpu-timers: Remove useless call to check_dl_overrun()

Justin M. Forbes (1):
s390/mm: Fix ERROR: "__node_distance" undefined!

Kai-Heng Feng (1):
HID: i2c-hid: Add a small delay after sleep command for Raydium touchpanel

Keith Busch (1):
block: Clear kernel memory before copying to user

Kirill A. Shutemov (3):
x86/mm: Move LDT remap out of KASLR region on 5-level paging
x86/ldt: Unmap PTEs for the slot before freeing LDT pages
x86/ldt: Remove unused variable in map_ldt_struct()

Kuninori Morimoto (2):
arm64: dts: renesas: r8a7795: add missing dma-names on hscif2
sata_rcar: convert to SPDX identifiers

Leo Li (1):
drm/amd: Update atom_smu_info_v3_3 structure

Leonard Crestez (1):
ARM: dts: imx6sx-sdb: Fix enet phy regulator

Liam Merwick (1):
xen/grant-table: Fix incorrect gnttab_dma_free_pages() pr_debug message

Linus Torvalds (1):
Linux 4.20-rc2

Linus Walleij (1):
HID: fix up .raw_event() documentation

Longhe Zheng (1):
drm/i915/gvt: Handle values of EDP_PSR_IMR and EDP_PSR_IIR

Lu Fengqi (1):
btrfs: fix pinned underflow after transaction aborted

Lucas Stach (1):
drm/etnaviv: fix bogus fence complete check in timeout handler

Luis Henriques (2):
ceph: add destination file data sync before doing any remote copy
ceph: quota: fix null pointer dereference in quota check

Lyude Paul (1):
drm/amd/amdgpu/dm: Fix dm_dp_create_fake_mst_encoder()

Maciej W. Rozycki (5):
MIPS: Fix `dma_alloc_coherent' returning a non-coherent allocation
FDDI: defza: Fix SPDX annotation
FDDI: defza: Add missing comment closing
FDDI: defza: Move SMT Tx data buffer declaration next to its skb
FDDI: defza: Make the driver version string constant

Manasi Navare (1):
drm/i915/icl: Fix the macros for DFLEXDPMLE register bits

Manjunath Patil (1):
xen-blkfront: fix kernel panic with negotiate_mq error path

Martin Schwidefsky (5):
mm: make the __PAGETABLE_PxD_FOLDED defines non-empty
mm: introduce mm_[p4d|pud|pmd]_folded
mm: add mm_pxd_folded checks to pgtable_bytes accounting functions
s390/mm: fix mis-accounting of pgtable_bytes
compiler: remove __no_sanitize_address_or_inline again

Masahiro Yamada (4):
kbuild: rpm-pkg: fix binrpm-pkg breakage when O= is used
kbuild: deb-pkg: fix bindeb-pkg breakage when O= is used
kconfig: merge_config: avoid false positive matches from comment lines
kbuild: deb-pkg: fix too low build version number

Masami Hiramatsu (1):
tracing/kprobes: Fix strpbrk() argument order

Mathieu Malaterre (2):
net: document skb parameter in function 'skb_gso_size_check'
watchdog/core: Add missing prototypes for weak functions

Matwey V. Kornilov (1):
net: core: netpoll: Enable netconsole IPv6 link local address

Md Fahad Iqbal Polash (1):
ice: Fix flags for port VLAN

Michael Kelley (2):
clockevents/drivers/i8253: Add support for PIT shutdown quirk
x86/hyper-v: Enable PIT shutdown quirk

MichaÅ MirosÅaw (2):
ibmvnic: fix accelerated VLAN handling
qlcnic: remove assumption that vlan_tci != 0

Miguel Ojeda (1):
Compiler Attributes: improve explanation of header

Mikulas Patocka (1):
vt: fix broken display when running aptitude

Ming Lei (3):
block: make sure discard bio is aligned with logical block size
block: cleanup __blkdev_issue_discard()
block: make sure writesame bio is aligned with logical block size

Miroslav Lichvar (1):
igb: shorten maximum PHC timecounter update interval

Nathan Chancellor (1):
x86/build: Remove -pipe from KBUILD_CFLAGS

Oleksij Rempel (1):
ARM: dts: imx6sll: fix typo for fsl,imx6sll-i2c node

Olof Johansson (1):
ARM: defconfig: Disable PREEMPT again on multi_v7

Omar Sandoval (1):
Btrfs: fix missing delayed iputs on unmount

Pablo Neira Ayuso (4):
netfilter: nft_osf: check if attribute is present
Revert "netfilter: nft_numgen: add map lookups for numgen random
netfilter: conntrack: add
netfilter: nfnetlink_cttimeout: pass default timeout policy to

Pavel Machek (1):
Fix pattern handling optimalization

Peter Zijlstra (1):
x86/qspinlock: Fix compile error

Punit Agrawal (1):
mailmap: Update email for Punit Agrawal

Randy Dunlap (3):
resource/docs: Fix new kernel-doc warnings
Documentation/x86: Fix typo in zero-page.txt
mtd: nand: drop kernel-doc notation for a deleted function parameter

Rasmus Villemoes (1):
net: alx: make alx_drv_name static

Ricardo Ribalda Delgado (1):
clk: fixed-factor: fix of_node_get-put imbalance

Rob Herring (2):
ARM: dts: fsl: Fix improperly quoted stdout-path values
builddeb: Fix inclusion of dtbs in debian package

Robbie Ko (1):
Btrfs: fix cur_offset in the error case for nocow

Robin Murphy (1):
of/device: Really only set bus DMA mask when appropriate

Rodrigo Vivi (1):
drm/i915/glk: Remove 99% limitation.

Sagi Grimberg (2):
nvmet: don't try to add ns to p2p map unless it actually uses it
nvme: make sure ns head inherits underlying device limits

Sagiv Ozeri (1):
qed: Fix potential memory corruption

Sergei Shtylyov (1):
arm64: dts: renesas: condor: switch from EtherAVB to GEther

Shalom Toledo (1):
mlxsw: spectrum: Fix IP2ME CPU policer configuration

Shaokun Zhang (2):
btrfs: tree-checker: Fix misleading group system information
drm/amd/display: Fix misleading buffer information

Song Liu (3):
bpf: show real jited prog address in /proc/kallsyms
bpf: show real jited address in bpf_prog_info->jited_ksyms
bpf: show main program address and length in bpf_prog_info

Stefan Wahren (1):
net: smsc95xx: Fix MTU range

Stefano Brivio (1):
netfilter: ipset: list:set: Decrease refcount synchronously on
deletion and replace

Stefano Stabellini (1):
CONFIG_XEN_PV breaks xen_create_contiguous_region on ARM

Stephen Boyd (1):
i2c: qcom-geni: Fix runtime PM mismatch with child devices

Steven Rostedt (VMware) (1):
x86/cpu/vmware: Do not trace vmware_sched_clock()

Subash Abhinov Kasiviswanathan (1):
net: qualcomm: rmnet: Fix incorrect assignment of real_dev

Taehee Yoo (2):
netfilter: xt_IDLETIMER: add sysfs filename checking routine
net: bpfilter: fix iptables failure if bpfilter_umh is disabled

Takashi Iwai (2):
vga_switcheroo: Fix missing gpu_bound call at audio client registration
ALSA: hda - Fix incorrect clearance of thinkpad_acpi hooks

Tao Ren (1):
net: phy: Allow BCM54616S PHY to setup internal TX/RX clock delay

Theodore Ts'o (2):
ext4: avoid possible double brelse() in add_new_gdb() on error path
ext4: fix possible leak of sbi->s_group_desc_leak in error path

Thomas Richter (3):
s390/cpum_sf: Rework attribute definition for diagnostic sampling
perf stat: Handle different PMU names with common prefix
s390/perf: Change CPUM_CF return code in event init function

Thor Thayer (1):
net: stmmac: Fix RX packet size > 8191

Tristram Ha (1):
net: dsa: microchip: initialize mutex before use

Valentin Schneider (1):
sched/core: Take the hotplug lock in sched_init_smp()

Vasily Averin (16):
ext4: avoid potential extra brelse in setup_new_flex_group_blocks()
ext4: add missing brelse() in set_flexbg_block_bitmap()'s error path
ext4: add missing brelse() add_new_gdb_meta_bg()'s error path
ext4: add missing brelse() update_backups()'s error path
ext4: fix missing cleanup if ext4_alloc_flex_bg_array() fails
while resizing
ext4: fix possible inode leak in the retry loop of ext4_resize_fs()
ext4: avoid buffer leak on shutdown in ext4_mark_iloc_dirty()
ext4: avoid buffer leak in ext4_orphan_add() after prior errors
ext4: remove unneeded brelse call in ext4_xattr_inode_update_ref()
ext4: fix possible leak of s_journal_flag_rwsem in error path
ext4: fix buffer leak in ext4_xattr_get_block() on error path
ext4: release before re-using in ext4_xattr_block_find()
ext4: fix buffer leak in ext4_xattr_move_to_block() on error path
ext4: fix buffer leak in ext4_expand_extra_isize_ea() on error path
ext4: fix buffer leak in __ext4_read_dirblock() on error path
ext4: missing !bh check in ext4_xattr_inode_write()

Vasily Gorbik (4):
s390/decompressor: add missing FORCE to build targets
s390/vdso: add missing FORCE to build targets
s390: avoid vmlinux segments overlap
s390/kasan: increase instrumented stack size to 64k

Vasily Khoruzhick (1):
netfilter: conntrack: fix calculation of next bucket number in early_drop

Victor Raj (1):
ice: Free VSI contexts during for unload

Vignesh R (3):
dt-bindings: i2c: omap: Add new compatible for AM654 SoCs
i2c: omap: Enable for ARCH_K3
MAINTAINERS: Add entry for i2c-omap driver

Ville SyrjÃlà (4):
drm/i915: Don't apply the 16Gb DIMM wm latency w/a to BXT/GLK
drm/i915: Fix error handling for the NV12 fb dimensions check
drm/i915: Don't oops during modeset shutdown after lpe audio deinit
drm/i915: Fix ilk+ watermarks when disabling pipes

Vinod Koul (1):
clk: qcom: gcc: Fix board clock node name

Vishal Verma (2):
acpi/nfit, x86/mce: Handle only uncorrectable machine checks
acpi/nfit, x86/mce: Validate a MCE's address before using it

Will Deacon (1):
tools headers barrier: Fix arm64 tools build failure wrt

Wolfram Sang (1):
i2c: nvidia-gpu: make pm_ops static

Xin Long (2):
sctp: fix strchange_flags name for Stream Change Event
sctp: define SCTP_SS_DEFAULT for Stream schedulers

Xinyun Liu (1):
drm/i915/gvt: correct mask setting for CSFE_CHICKEN1

Yi Wang (2):
sched/fair: Fix a comment in task_numa_fault()
x86/hyper-v: Fix indentation in hv_do_fast_hypercall16()

Yoshihiro Shimoda (1):
serial: sh-sci: Fix could not remove dev_attr_rx_fifo_timeout

Yunsheng Lin (1):
net: hns3: Fix for out-of-bounds access when setting pfc back pressure

ndesaulniers@xxxxxxxxxx (1):
include/linux/compiler*.h: define asm_volatile_goto

ëìì (1):
flow_dissector: do not dissect l4 ports for fragments