RE: [PATCH] usb: dwc3: gadget: don't remove the request if bus-expired

From: Zengtao (B)
Date: Mon Jan 21 2019 - 04:34:29 EST

Hi balbi:

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>Subject: Re: [PATCH] usb: dwc3: gadget: don't remove the request if
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>Zeng Tao <prime.zeng@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> We have already returned EAGAIN for bus-expiry, and it's designed to
>> start with a future Frame number and start the transfer again. So we
>> should not remove the request for that case.
>> Signed-off-by: Zeng Tao <prime.zeng@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Do we need a Fixes tag here? How about Cc stable? Can you share
>tracepoints exposing the problem?

I am not sure that we need to Fixes tag, it's not related to any single patch, but
there is definitely something wrong, after rethinking it again, I found that there
are still some problems for this patch, for the reties inside the driver, we should not
remove the request, but if we return -EAGAIN to the gadget layer, we should because
the gadget will requeue the request again if we return -EAGAIN.

Any suggestions.

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