Re: GRSec is vital to Linux security -- SFConservancy = legal malpractice. Use own lawyer.

From: linuxgpletc
Date: Thu Jan 24 2019 - 11:31:14 EST

One note: If you are going to defend your copyrights and the idea of the GPL, do not rely on the "free software legal groups".

The "free software legal groups" exist only to commit legal malpractice.

The guy who ran the SFConservancy (Bradly Kuhn IIRC) isn't even a lawyer. He advises "clients" to wait it out: AKA run down the statute-of-limitations so you have no case.

A fucking _FAGGOT_.

You cannot rely on the "Free software legal groups" to help you because _they do not exist_.

Only recently did the SFConservancy hire a lawyer, and they had to put her in the head position because Bar rules do not allow a lawyer to be below non-lawyers in a legal firm.

Just wanted to let you know.