Re: [PATCH V2 2/6] clocksource: tegra: add Tegra210 timer driver

From: Thierry Reding
Date: Tue Jan 29 2019 - 05:29:19 EST

On Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 10:41:55AM +0200, Peter De Schrijver wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 28, 2019 at 04:09:08PM +0100, Thierry Reding wrote:
> ...
> >
> > Up to here this is a duplicate of timer-tegra20.c. And a lot of
> > tegra210_timer_init() is the same as tegra20_timer_init() as well. Can't
> > we unify the two drivers instead?
> >
> > The power cycle restrictions of the architected timer, do they not apply
> > to chips earlier than Tegra210 either? So don't we need all of these
> > additional features on the timer-tegra20.c driver as well? If so that
> No. Chips prior to Tegra114 do not have an arch timer and the arch timer
> does work correctly on Cortex-A15 so Tegra114 and Tegra124 can use it.
> It's broken on Cortex-A57 though, so we can't use it as a wakeup source
> on Tegra210.

If chips prior to Tegra114 don't have an architected timer, then we
can't remove the timer-tegra20 driver, because we still need it on
Tegra20 and Tegra30, right?


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