Host agrees to DMCA takedown of GPL'd work after Author rescinds license from "John Doe". Yes you CAN rescind the GPL.

From: linuxgpletc
Date: Fri Feb 01 2019 - 16:11:13 EST

In the USA, a license is revocable (absent an attached interest.)
(An attached interest generally arises when a licensee paid for a copyright license contract.
Thus they "buy" the "terms" and the courts will hold the grantor to the contract.
Where there is not an interest, the license is revocable)

To put it simply: you pay nothing, you get nothing.
Only the continued magnanimity of the copyright owner allows you to continue to use, modify, redistribute the copyright owner's work.
If you anger him he may decide to revoke your bare gratuitous license.

The linux kernel contributors who own the Copyright to their code can do the same, should they dislike the "CoC" and having their speech controlled by do-nothings for the sake of women's empowerment over the men who actually built the whole thing (for free!).


Anonymous 02/01/19 (Fri) 10:32:53 No.1025891>>1025897 >>1025945

Oh fuggggg. Mikee wasn't memeing.


We have received a DMCA complaint regarding content that is under your control. We\u2019ve included the entire DMCA request below:
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