Re: [PATCH] device: Fix comment for driver_data in struct device

From: David Engraf
Date: Wed Feb 06 2019 - 02:49:47 EST

On 05.02.19 at 14:23, Andy Shevchenko wrote:
On Tue, Feb 05, 2019 at 01:19:52PM +0100, David Engraf wrote:
dev_set_drvdata/dev_get_drvdata is used to access driver_data
in struct device.

The original comment might be slight confusing, though we all know the concept
of getters and setters.

Okay you're right. I was a bit confused about the syntax.

- David

void *platform_data; /* Platform specific data, device
core doesn't touch it */
void *driver_data; /* Driver data, set and get with
- dev_set/get_drvdata */
+ dev_set_drvdata/dev_get_drvdata */
struct dev_links_info links;
struct dev_pm_info power;
struct dev_pm_domain *pm_domain;