Re: kernfs: can read/write method grow buffer size?

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Fri Mar 29 2019 - 06:38:47 EST


> > > Yes, and cpufreq governors too list available governosrs as space
> > > separated list.
> > > Maybe the "one value per file" rule was thought-of only after these
> > > were merged?
> >
> > For small numbers of things, like /sys/power/state, which was the first
> > file to use this style, it was fine as we "knew" this was going to be a
> > small, well-bounded list of states that the file could be in.
> >
> > As you have seen, 'trigger' is not that, and I am pretty sure I have
> > complained about this in the past.
> >
> > I suggest you use a different way of "discovering" what types of
> > triggers are available. I don't know what would work best for you, but
> > any time you are ever worried about the size of a sysfs file's buffer,
> > you know you are doing something wrong.
> Ok, while writing this out, I realized that to keep things still
> working, and to enable you to have an unlimited list of triggers, why
> not just turn the file into a binary sysfs file?
> Yes, that's not what binary sysfs files are for, they are supposed to be
> only used for data that is "pass through" from userspace to hardware,
> where the kernel does not touch the information at all. But I'm willing
> to give you an exception here as long as you document the heck out of it
> in the code itself, saying that no one else should ever copy this way of
> doing things again.
> Would that work?

That would work, I guess.

We'll also want to limit number of triggers in LEDs -- there should be
one trigger "cpu" with parameters, not 1024 triggers "cpu0"
.. "cpu1023". But that will take some time to sort out.

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