Re: [PATCH 1/2] rtc: da9063: set range

From: Wolfram Sang
Date: Mon Apr 01 2019 - 15:34:30 EST

> Well, seeing the code, I actually remembered that this test is still
> there to ensure the core will properly block. If you remove that test,
> the other ones should all timeout.

Thanks for your assistance! What I did just now was to make use of the
'uie_unsupported' flag. This is the outcome:

[==========] Running 7 tests from 2 test cases.
[ RUN ] rtc.date_read
rtctest.c:49:rtc.date_read:Current RTC date/time is 01/01/2000 00:13:23.
[ OK ] rtc.date_read
[ RUN ] rtc.uie_read
[ OK ] rtc.uie_read
[ RUN ] rtc.uie_select
[ OK ] rtc.uie_select
[ RUN ] rtc.alarm_alm_set
rtctest.c:137:rtc.alarm_alm_set:Alarm time now set to 00:13:32.
rtctest.c:148:rtc.alarm_alm_set:Expected 0 (0) != rc (0)
rtc.alarm_alm_set: Test terminated by assertion
[ FAIL ] rtc.alarm_alm_set
[ RUN ] rtc.alarm_wkalm_set
rtctest.c:195:rtc.alarm_wkalm_set:Alarm time now set to 01/01/2000
rtctest.c:202:rtc.alarm_wkalm_set:Expected 0 (0) != rc (0)
rtc.alarm_wkalm_set: Test terminated by assertion
[ FAIL ] rtc.alarm_wkalm_set
[ RUN ] rtc.alarm_alm_set_minute
rtctest.c:239:rtc.alarm_alm_set_minute:Alarm time now set to 00:14:00.
rtctest.c:258:rtc.alarm_alm_set_minute:data: 1a0
[ OK ] rtc.alarm_alm_set_minute
[ RUN ] rtc.alarm_wkalm_set_minute
rtctest.c:297:rtc.alarm_wkalm_set_minute:Alarm time now set to
01/01/2000 00:15:00.
[ OK ] rtc.alarm_wkalm_set_minute
[==========] 5 / 7 tests passed.

I wonder why the_set_minute tests pass, but the other ones fail. I also
wonder why I need the uie_unsupported flag? It's been a while since I
dug into the RTC subsystem, I may be missing something. But I see the
UIE code finally calling into set_alarm for some codepath. We have that
for DA9063, but it is not executed for the UIE test of rtctest. However,
it seems the driver doesn't support this in an optimal way, because
there is a currently unused update interrupt which should be used for
UIE, or? I also wonder why all this works fine for Steve.



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