[PATCH v3 0/2] Fix Arm system PMU hotplug issues

From: Robin Murphy
Date: Tue Apr 16 2019 - 11:24:33 EST

Hi all,

After a converstaion with Thomas a while back, it felt like the best way
forward here is just to resolve the pressing preemption violation, and
not make things more complicated by trying to manage theoretical races
within perf core from a distance.

v3: Improve cleanup in failure paths [Suzuki]


Robin Murphy (2):
perf/arm-cci: Remove broken race mitigation
perf/arm-ccn: Clean up CPU hotplug handling

drivers/perf/arm-cci.c | 21 ++++++++++++---------
drivers/perf/arm-ccn.c | 25 +++++++++++++------------
2 files changed, 25 insertions(+), 21 deletions(-)