Re: [PATCH v4 01/26] ALSA: line6: Avoid polluting led_* namespace

From: Jacek Anaszewski
Date: Thu Apr 18 2019 - 13:12:22 EST

On 4/18/19 2:24 PM, Takashi Iwai wrote:
On Thu, 18 Apr 2019 14:21:35 +0200,
Pavel Machek wrote:

On Thu 2019-04-18 07:17:54, Takashi Iwai wrote:
On Wed, 17 Apr 2019 22:54:14 +0200,
Jacek Anaszewski wrote:

led_colors clashes with the array of the same name being added
to the LED class. Do the following amendments to fix this issue
and the other prospective one.

led_colors -> toneport_led_colors
led_init_vals -> toneport_led_init_vals

Fixes: f44edd7b2bbed ("ALSA: line6/toneport: Implement LED controls via LED class")
Signed-off-by: Jacek Anaszewski <jacek.anaszewski@xxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Jaroslav Kysela <perex@xxxxxxxx>
Cc: Takashi Iwai <tiwai@xxxxxxxx>
Cc: Arnd Bergmann <arnd@xxxxxxxx>

Looks good.

Feel free to take my ack:
Reviewed-by: Takashi Iwai <tiwai@xxxxxxx>


I guess this is independend of pretty much everything, and should be
taken through the sound tree?

I don't mind either way. If it's easier for you to take through sound
tree, just let me know.

I prefer to take it via LED tree as this patch is needed
by the LED naming set.

Best regards,
Jacek Anaszewski