Re: [PATCH v20 00/28] Intel SGX1 support

From: Dave Hansen
Date: Thu Apr 18 2019 - 13:24:45 EST

On 4/18/19 10:10 AM, Dr. Greg wrote:
> In addition, the driver breaks all existing SGX software by breaking
> compatibility with what is a 3+ year ABI provided by the existing
> driver. This seems to contravene the well understood philosophy that
> Linux doesn't, if at all possible, break existing applications,

Sorry, that doesn't apply to out-of-tree modules. While we don't go out
of our way to intentionally break apps who are relying on out-of-tree
modules, we also don't go our of or way to keep them working.

Please stop asking about this. I don't see any route where it's going
to change.

Companies ideally shouldn't be getting their customers hooked on
out-of-tree ABIs and customers should consume out-of-tree ABIs
*expecting* them to break in the future.