Re: [PATCH v5 0/2] tty: serial: add DT bindings and serial driver for the SiFive FU540 UART

From: Atish Patra
Date: Fri Apr 19 2019 - 15:29:38 EST

On 4/19/19 12:18 PM, Kevin Hilman wrote:
Atish Patra <atish.patra@xxxxxxx> writes:

On 4/18/19 4:22 PM, Kevin Hilman wrote:
Hi Paul,

Paul Walmsley <paul.walmsley@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

This series adds a serial driver, with console support, for the
UART IP block present on the SiFive FU540 SoC. The programming
model is straightforward, but unique.

Boot-tested on a SiFive FU540 HiFive-U board, using BBL and the
open-source FSBL (with appropriate patches to the DT data).

This fifth version fixes a bug in the set_termios handler,
found by Andreas Schwab <schwab@xxxxxxx>.

The patches in this series can also be found, with the PRCI patches,
DT patches, and DT prerequisite patch, at:

I tried this branch, and it doesn't boot on my unleashed board.

Here's the boot log when I pass the DT built from your branch via

Unfortunately, that won't work. The current DT modifications by OpenSBI.

1. Change hart status to "masked" from "okay".
2. M-mode interrupt masking in PLIC node.
3. Add a chosen node for serial access in U-Boot.

You can ignore 3 for your use case. However, if you pass a dtb built
from source code, that will have hart0 enabled and M-mode interrupts
enabled in DT.

Hmm, so what you're saying is there not currently any way to pass a DT
built from source using OpenSBI + mainline u-boot?

OpenSBI can accept DT built from source with following build option.


More documentation:

As a short-term workaround, is there a way to make these changes from
the u-boot command-line after loading a DTB built from source into
memory? If so, I could at least script that part.

Not sure if we should do these DT modifications in U-Boot as well.

I guess so (and I'd be happy to test the patch.)

Either that, or the upstream DTs (or code) should have those features to
the right settings.

Speaking of which, I tried to patch the DT from Paul's recent series[1]
to make the necessary changes. I can see where to change cpu0 from
"okay" to "masked", but I'm not so sure how to make the PLIC change.

Here is the code snippet of how OpenSBI modifies the DT.

If you just want to use custom built DTB, you can use OpenSBI build option instead of scripting these.

We don't want OpenSBI to keep modifying the DT forever. But we have to do it until there is a better solution available.

I was hoping to be able to review/test Paul's DT patches, but now I'm a
bit confused as to how to do that.

I also noticed that your kernel is booting only 1 hart.
Just FYI: RISC-V SMP for U-Boot patches are merged in master. So you
should be able to boot all cpus. You can ingore FU540_ENABLED_HART_MASK
in OpenSBI build as well.

Ah, nice.

I've just updated to u-boot master branch with SMP enabled, and build a
new openSBI (also from master branch) with u-boot payload. Using your
v5.1-rc4_unleashed branch, I see 4 CPUs booting: